What this book is not

This book does not try to debunk myths about Wayland and X, like, for example, this Phoronix article does.

This book is not an attempt to convince you that Wayland is (or is not) better than X, nor that you personally should (or should not) use it.

This book is not a tutorial for writing real-life Linux apps. Unless you have serious reasons not to do so, please you an existing toolkit instead.

This book is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to "writing Wayland clients", nor a Wayland protocol reference. Refer to the official documentation instead.

Instead, this book is meant to help you get some understanding of how Wayland works, the ideas it's built upon. But, as Linus Torvalds has put it, "Talk is cheap. Show me the code", so I'm not going to just talk to you about Wayland, I'm going to illustrate things that I say with some working code that you can run unmodified or experiment with however you like.

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